Key Questions To Ask A Myrtle Beach Roofing ContractorThe roof may not be among your top priorities when building a new home. However, it pays to remember that the roof is your first and last line of defense against the unforgiving outdoor elements. You can’t simply hire anybody to work on your home’s roof. It is a must to work with an experienced roofer to ensure the quality and reliability of your roof. In this resource, you’ll learn the most useful questions to ask to a Myrtle Beach roofing contractor.

Are You A Member Of The Local Roofing Contractors Association?

Check whether the roofer you plan to hire is a member of the roofing contractors association in Myrtle Beach. This helps ensure that the roofing contractor follows the guidelines and standards set forth by the association. A contractor that belongs to an association or organization is most likely somebody you can depend on, as he wouldn’t provide services that would not meet the standards of other member roofers.

Do You Offer Liability And Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

The last thing you want to happen is to pay for medical expenses and damages to your property during the roof installation or repair. This is precisely why you must find a contractor that offers both liability and workers’ compensation insurance.

Can You Provide A List Of References?

The best way to gauge the performance of a roofer is to speak to past clients. Ask for references and see what they have to say about their experience with the roofing contractor. You can also ask suppliers and determine whether they provide roofing materials to the contractor on a regular basis, which could be an indication of the quality of their work.

These three questions should help you find the best Myrtle Beach roofing contractor. Make sure to speak with multiple roofers in order to compare the quality of their services as well as their pricing options.