There is a line of skincare which approaches youthful looking skin in a unique way. That line is the Lifecell Skincare line from South Beach Skincare. After many years of research, studies and testing the created a formula that makes use of D3PA.

D3PA is a derivative of nitric oxide. This was long ago discovered by three Nobel Prize winning scientists as being the secret to blood circulation in the skin. When the blood circulates in the skin it helps transform the look of skin by dilating the capillaries.

What the scientists found was that nitric oxide could do this for skin. But, the body cannot make use of the nitric oxide because it exists as a gas. When it is transformed into something the body can use it becomes D3PA.

Look Younger with Lifecell Skincare

This occurs naturally in the body, but as people age the D3PA decreases in its production. When a person uses LifeCell Skincare, they infuse skin with this important substance. It forces the skin to rebound and reflect light. When skin reflects light, wrinkles disappear as there are no shadows to accentuate them.

Tests done showed that Lifecell could create a younger appearance in the skin after about five days. Some users have claimed it takes longer, but if you want a researched-backed product made from a scientific discovery, this is the product to try.

According to the maker, the product ingredients have been researched  by the medical departments in Oxford University, Yale University, and Harvard as well as Cornell University. They have found that the nitric oxide transformed into D3PA can do all the things that young skin can do.

If you would like to try the product on your own skin, there are plenty of offers online for it. Try it on your skin and see for yourself how young your skin can look.